Relations internationales (en anglais)


First hour: Evolution and demarcation of the discipline

1. Political philosophy: Alternative images of the good life

2. Comparative politics: Alternative organizational forms

3. International relations: clashing alternative communities

Second hour: Systemic approaches: realism

1. Intellectual and historical precursors

2. Nuclear weapons end the imperative of stability

3. Intellectual and moral structure of realism

Third hour: Systemic approaches: varieties of realism

1. Refinements: causes and prevention of war

2. Off-shots: explaining particular fields or events

3. Critiques

Forth hour: Unit-level approaches: Liberalism, institutionalism, constructivism

1. States as atoms or billiard balls ?

2. Structural implications of unitary factors

3. Problematic outcomes of unitary factors

Fifth hour: Sub-unit-level approaches: Organisations, civil society, ideas

1. Organisational and bureaucratic interests

2. Individual and group factors

3. Norms, ideas end culture

Sixth hour: Discussion and outlook

1. Analysis and the value of models

2. Paradoxes aplenty

3. Applying theories