Histoire des États-Unis


This course will take into consideration the presence, cultures, political organizations and contributions of Native peoples in the shaping of the colonial world. It will also provide an overview of the major social, political, economic and cultural events of the Euro-American colonial period. The emphasis will be put on the reading and interpretation of historical primary sources.

This first semester will mainly focus on Indigenous history, the colonial period, the Revolution, and the influence of technology in the development of America in the 19th century.

Compétences visées

The class will be research-based and focus on oral skills. Students will learn how to

  1. Analyze specific events and link them to major historical trends (contextualization and historicization)
  2. Establish a historical contextualization and propose a clear thesis for their research
  3. Explore ideas in a formal way in mostly oral presentations


Lecture obligatoire :

Alan Taylor. Colonial America: A Very Short Introduction. OUP, 2013.