Histoire des îles britanniques


Semester 1: Introduction to the culture & history of the British Isles

This course, taught in English, is an introduction to the culture and history of the British Isles. An overview of the historical periods, the social and political institutions and cultural aspects will deconstruct a certain number of stereotypes and will offer students an updated approach to the culture of the British isles. The main issues will be explored during classes through readings of various sources and group projects.

 Mandatory reading for the « civilization and culture » tutorials : PICKARD, Sarah. Civilisation Britannique. Paris : Pocket, 2019.

Skills developed:                                                       

  •  Build a solid historical knowledge of British history and cultural traditions
  • Understand different points of view when reading the media
  • Be able to identify ‘fake’ news and evaluate the trustworthiness of press articles
  • Understand the author’s intention and analyze his/her discourse
  • Be able to build a thesis out of a theme
  • Be able to produce written assignments (opinion paper & commentary) using written, audio, video and/or visual documents
  • Translation skills from French to English