Littératures nord-américaines


Introduction to North-American literature

Survey of American Literature : genres and authors. The course will include compulsory readings for the lectures (Irving, Poe, Whitman, Dickinson…) and guided text commentary in the classes.

Compulsory Reading (on moodle)

Dickinson, E., Poems, 1859-1861

Irving, W., “Rip van Winkle”, 1819

Poe, E.A., ?

Suggested Reading

Elliot, E., The Cambridge introduction to early American literature 810.9 ELL

Lauter, P., The Heath Anthology of American Literature, 810.0 HEA

Compétences visées

- Critically read and analyze literary texts

- Establish a clear thesis and back it up with concrete examples

- Explore ideas in a formal way in writing and in oral presentations