Civilisation et politique


Women of the Storm: Revolutions and Gender Politics in Eighteenth-century Britain (cours de Mme Page-Jones)

This course will examine some areas of women’s political activity from the Glorious Revolution to the beginning of the nineteenth century. It will focus more specifically on revolutionary periods to think about the relations between social or political crisis and the deconstruction of traditional narrow images of femininity. From the Glorious Revolution to the Industrial Revolution (1689 – 1830), from politics to science, this course will investigate how the female mind and role were socially constructed in various discourses (medical and scientific treatises, political and religious pamphlets…) and how times of crisis reshaped these mainstream ideas and representations of women’s role in society.


Primary sources:

-Edmund Burke, Reflections on the Revolutions in France (1790)

-Hannah More, Strictures on the Modern System of Female Education (1799)

-Richard Polwhele, The Unsex’d Females (1798)

-Helen Maria Williams, Letters Written in France (1790)

-Mary Wollstonecraft, A Vindication of the Rights of Women (1792)

Secondary sources:

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De la Guerre Froide au Néo-conservatisme: l’évolution de la politique et de la démocratie aux Etats-Unis depuis 1945 (cours de Mme Chatalic)

Bibliographie :

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