Littératures et théories esthétiques


 Willam Blake et les Préraphaélites (A. Kerhervé)

Ce cours portera sur l’œuvre de William Blake et sa relation aux idées préraphaélites. Il abordera à la fois les gravures, tableaux et poèmes de Blake et les tableaux et textes préraphaélites, notamment ceux de Millais, Hunt, Rossetti, Morris et Swinburne. 

Bibliographie :

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From text to paratext & from word to word-image: Alasdair Gray’s Poor Things (C. Manfredi)

Drawing from Alasdair Gray’s 1992 rewriting of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, this course will first (re-)introduce students to the notions of paratextuality and interpicturality (from rewriting to re-painting or re-drawing). By focusing on Gray’s neo-Victorian, “sham gothic”, and verbo-visual novel, this course will encourage students to investigate the complex status of the word-image relationship and look for new ways of rethinking formal, aesthetic and ontological relations among media, arts and politics, as well as between art and science.

Compulsory reading:

  • Alasdair Gray, Poor Things, Bloomsbury, 1992
  • (Alasdair Gray, Unlikely Stories, Mostly, Penguin, 1984)

Critical bibliography:

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