Fluides 1


This course aims at introducing Fluid Mechanics to non specialists, starting from classical mechanics. It establishes the equations governing homogeneous incompressible fluids (statics, kinematics, dynamics, vorticity dynamics) and solves them for steady flows, irrotational flows, viscous flows, surface waves. It gives applications to aerodynamics, hydrodynamics and hydraulics.

This course is taught in English

Pré-requis nécessaires


mathematical analysis : ODEs, PDEs (preferably), real functions of several variables, geometry of curves and surfaces, vector analysis ;

physics : classical mechanics, electrostatics (electromagnetism), thermodynamics


Objective of the course:

this is the basic course upon which specialized fluid dynamics courses (GFD, fluid-solid interactions) will be based.

Compétences visées

this course builds up know-how and abilities:

ability to identify scientific questions

ability to use these results for scientific projects

ability to validate numerical results with theoretical results

use for problem solving in fluids

contributes to a global approach (holistic approach) to problem solving

use for building numerical algorithms for professional purposes



Introduction/description of fluids, from microscopics to macroscopics

fluid statics

fluid kinematics and deformation

fluid dynamics


steady flows

irrotational flows

aerodynamics and hydrodynamics

boundary layers

viscous flows

surface waves