Stage M1 POC


The purpose is to complete a science project under the supervision of a researcher, to write a report on it and to present it orally. Students must experience a full-time two months genuine internship extending over May and June.


  • perform a synthetic literature review a on specific scientific  subject in physical oceanogtraphy
  • use the theoretical and technical knowledge taught throughout the year to answer a specific research question
  • write a synthetic report of the obtained results
  • give an oral presentation of the obtained results in front of a jury



The final mark is a combination of the advisor evaluation (30%), two reviewer's evaluation of the written report (30%) and an oral evaluation by the jury members (40%).

Your advisor evaluation (30%) will be based on the following criteria:

  • ability to understand the problems and the solutions
  • ability to reach given objectives
  • curiosity and open-mindedness
  • sense of initiative and autonomy
  • effectiveness, organization, method
  • quality of the work
  • punctuality, commitment, perseverance, dynamism

Your report (30%) will be evaluated by two reviewers at least. The report should not exceed 20 pages for POC students, and 25 pages for MG students (without e-appendices). Appendices, if any, will be tolerated, but should remain short. The report should be written in font size 11 or 12, with large enough margins. It can either be written in English or in French. Evaluation criteria will be:

  • clarity of the text
  • clarity of the figures
  • quality of the scientific explanations
  • level of physics
  • proper use of the references
  • respect of the above instructions

Your oral presentation (40%) will take place in front of a jury and be open to public. You will be entitled 12 minutes to present your work. Your presentation will be followed by 8 minutes of questions. Evaluation criteria will be:

  • clarity of the slides
  • quality of the speech
  • ability to show the physics in your work
  • answers to the questions
  • ability to master your work from the details to the broad picture