Histoire des États-Unis


Birth of a Nation: Historical Movements and Landmarks from the Colonial Period to the Progressive Era (1600-1900)












Pré-requis nécessaires

Students must be able to read and understand university-level academic texts in English.


This course provides an overview of the major social, political, economic and cultural events that shaped what would become the United States of America. The first semester will focus on the colonial period, the Revolution, Abolition, the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution and the beginnings of the Progressive Era.

Skills Objectives:

Students will learn how to

  • Analyze specific events and link them to major historical trends
  • Establish a clear thesis and back it up with concrete examples
  • Explore ideas in a formal way in writing and in oral presentations

Approche proposée :

Survey class. Group work will focus on elements covered in each lecture.

Compétences visées

  • General chronological and thematic parallels between US Lit and US Studies
  • Former CAPES-type synthesis exercises/quizzes (historical text+ literary text + visual text)


Lecture obligatoire :

Eric Foner, Give Me Liberty! An American History, W.W. Norton & Co.

(this text will be used over the course of all 3 years)