Histoire des îles britanniques


British culture and history: Language, power and ideology 

In the light of Linda Colley's argument in Britons: Forging the Nation (1707 - 1837), this course will approach the issue of Britain's troubled relationship to Europe, spanning the period from the Restoration to UK's entry in the E.E.C., by using a variety of material (pamphlets, travel writings, engravings, propaganda films …) to show how representations, imaginings, perceptions and identities are intricately linked. The course is an attempt to show that Britain's relationship to Europe was forged as much through conflicts and rivalries as through cooperations and friendships. 

Brendan Simms, Britain’s Europe. A Thousand Years of Conflict and Cooperation, Penguin, 2016  

Jeremy Black, Britain and Europe. A SHort History,  OUP, 2019

Linda Colley, Britons. Forging the Nation (1707-1837), Yale University Press, 2009

Compétences visées

- develop skills for the essay: contextualizing, conceptualizing and problematizing

- use of primary sources in essay

- argumentative writing