Études du Commonwealth


 Commonwealth studies : Environmental practices and imaginaries

The course looks at contrasting imaginaries and ways of inhabiting place in Australia (Aboriginal “Care for Country” vs (neo)-colonial visions “Nature”), both historically and in the context of increasing climate-related anxieties.


Suggested reading:

- Ryan, Judith, Wallace-Crabbe, Chris (eds.), Imagining Australia: Literature and Culture in the New New World, Harvard University Press, 2004. 

- Huggan, Graham, Tiffin, Helen , Postcolonial Criticism: Literature, Animals, Environment, Routledge, 2015.

- Relph, Edward, Place and Placelessness, Sage Publications, 2008. 

Compétences visées

- research, understand and clearly document the ramifications of historiographical and contemporary sociological debates

- learn to decode ideological constructions of place in works of fiction

- polish the ability to present material to and engage with a peer audience