Histoire des États-Unis


The course will be equally divided into two main parts. The first one will explore the little-known history of Asian-Americans and the second part will be a survey course in US women’s history.

The idea of this class is to propose the study of current issues from a historical perspective. We’ll contextualize the issue in the light of past events before looking at the contemporary situation as it is reported in the media (the press, online publications, social media, blogs, videos, etc.). Students will gather historical information and references and build on them for an understanding of those current affairs. This course is research-based.

Presentation of the first part of the semester

Asian-American history is a little know subject in France (or in the US). This course will provide a survey course with some historical landmarks. It will consist of showing how diverse the populations reduced to the phrase “Asian-Americans” are and which experiences have shaped their presence in the US.

Presentation of the second part of the semester

This course is an overview of the history of American women from the colonial era to the present. It will focus on the contributions of women to American history, the study of little known historical characters with significant achievements, from the Native period down to the 21st century. Historical, social, gender and economic issues will be considered “through women’s eyes”.


  • Understand the diversity of the populations making up the Asian-American group and the specificity of each group’s historical experience
  • Connect current anti-Asian violence to the historical background of Asian presence in US history
  • Be able to read different types of sources and put them together
  • Understand the intricate power relations between men and women
  • Be aware of the diversity of women’s conditions in history
  • Relate US women’s history to your own experience of gender issues
  • Be able to analyze a great number of sources to build a context
  • Work in group efficiently
  • Assess the qualities of an oral presentation

Work efficiently in groups


Mandatory reading

Catherine Ceniza Choy. Asian-American Histories of the United States. Penguin, 2022.

Susan Ware. American Women’s History. OUP, 2015.