Études postcoloniales II


Inventing the postcolonial nation : hopes and challenges

Resonating both with the national narrative studies in British and American studies this semester (UE2 and 3), the course provides an overview of the issues associated with the invention of the post-colonial nation in the Dominions and former British colonies in Asia, Oceania, Africa and the Middle East from the late 19th century to recent times.

Suggested reading:

- Deutsch, Karl, Foltz William (eds.), Nation building in Comparative Contexts, Routledge, 2017. 

 - Chatterjee, Partha, The Nation and Its Fragments: Colonial and Post-colonial Histories, Princeton University Press, 2020. ‎ 

 - Mwakikagile, Godfrey, Statecraft and Nation building in Africa: a Post-colonial Study, New Africa Press, 2014.

Compétences visées

-Identifying and understanding the use of metaphor and symbol in literary and factual material plotting the nation.

- Organising and documenting group projects involving research and balanced argumentation skills.