Présentation des masters (TILE/RT/MCCC/MEEF)


Introduction to Master MEEF and Master TILE

  • MEEF

Discover the French educational system and learn about how to teach foreign languages, esp. English, in secondary schools. Practise the skills needed to succeed in the Capes national competitive exam.

  • TILE

Introduction to British visual arts : panorama of the artistic periods from the XVIth c. until the end of the XXth c. and connections with other European movements

Introduction to Master Rédacteur-Traducteur and Master Celtic Studies

  • Rédacteur-Traducteur (RT)

Varieties of English : The course studies the relationship between language and society and will address the concepts, theories and methods specific to sociolinguistics, particularly variationist sociolinguistics. The course will focus mainly on the linguistic diversity observed in the UK and the United States.

Other notions and issues will also be addressed, such as the symbolic functions of language and attitudes towards language.

  • Master MCCC: An Introduction to Irish Studies

This course will provide an overview of Irish history and explore some of the major themes to be found in Irish literature from the Middle Ages to the post-Celtic Tiger era. Issues such as Irish landscapes, families or religions will be discussed through critical readings of Seamus Heaney’s best-known poems.

Compulsory reading: Seamus Heaney, 100 poems, Faber & Faber (2019)

Suggested reading: Thomas Bartlett, Ireland: A History, CUP, 2011.

Compétences visées


- develop skills for image analysis 

- analysis of primary sources

- write a bibliography

- argumentative writing


- Use concepts and theoretical frameworks in the study of non-standard varieties of English in relation to their corresponding socio-cultural areas.

- Relate the productions of a given linguistic and cultural area at different times.

- Compare these productions with those of other cultural areas in a comparative perspective.


-Learn about Irish geography, history, society and culture.

-Understand the specific characteristics and development of Irish literature

-Practise your poetry reading skills