Littératures en contexte 3


Scottish historiography in the 20th century (C. Manfredi)


Objectifs du cours : 

Drawing from Scotland’s political history in the 20th and 21st centuries and the evolution of the historical novel (G.Lukács) since the early 19th century, this course aims to provide the students with an introduction to the imaginative reconstructions of Scottish history by the authors of the first and second Scottish literary renaissances.

Approche proposée :

By analysing and commenting upon a selection of novels, short stories, poems and plays, we will approach and question the concepts of “grand narrative”, “meta-narrative” and “emancipation narrative” (J-F. Lyotard) with a view to understanding how, since the mid-20th century, Scottish writers have sought to retell, rewrite and re-appropriate their history at a time of social and political unrest.

The texts under scrutiny will include works by Neil M. Gunn, Lewis Grassic Gibbon, Edwin Muir, John McGrath, Alasdair Gray, Irvine Welsh, Janice Galloway and A.L. Kennedy.


Prérequis nécessaires :

Maîtrise de l’anglais (langue dans lequel le cours est dispensé). 


Lectures obligatoires :

Alan RIACH, “What is Scottish Literature?”, ASLS, 2009. PDF available online: (compulsory reading)


Bibliographie conseillée:

Michael BENTLEY, Companion to Historiography, Routledge, 2006

Douglas GIFFORD (ed), Scottish Literature, Edinburgh University Press, 2002


Comment le cours s’articule-t-il :

Le cours est le pendant des cours de l’EC2 Littératures en contexte sur l’Irlande, la Bretagne et le pays de Galles dispensés sur les deux années du Master.



Session 1:     HSE: dossier 100% (régime général et RSE)

Session 2:     oral 20 min (100%)