Littératures en contexte 3


Scotland: Old and New Myths of Identity (C. Manfredi)


Objectifs du cours : 

This part of the course is designed to:

-provide an introduction to issues of identity and (cultural) nationalism in modern Scotland

-introduce students to the changing perspectives and approaches to Scotland’s complex and changing identities

-demonstrate the issues at stake in the matter of representation, self-representation and political action in different social and historical contexts

Particular references will be made to the works of painters, writers, poets, as well as to Scotland in film.


Selective bibliography:

T.M. Devine, The Scottish Nation, Penguin, 2012

Alan Riach, Representing Scotland in Literature, Popular Culture and Iconography: The Masks of the Modern Nation, Palgrave Macmillan,2005

Alexander Moffat, Alan Riach, Linda MacDonald-Lewis, Arts of Resistance. Poets, Portraits and Landscapes of Modern Scotland, Luath, 2008